Payroll Software

Our Payroll Services has features like hassle free upload of Data & web based payroll process, customized reports & MIS, integration of any software/ERP/existing system, web enabled access for all employees, easy accessibility to all the stake holders, single click information retrieval, team of experts with domain expertise, data confidentiality, process driven execution, accepted, tried & tested service, disaster proof technology, no capital expense, instant support provided. We have more & better options than other payroll companies.

- 1st option is Payroll Outsourcing. Complete payroll outsourcing done by us. As a client no need to install or learn to operate software. Entire Payroll System will be done in confidential manner outside your organization.

- 2nd option is desktop based payroll software. Great Payroll Calculator. Easy to use, Cost effective.

- 3rd Option is SAAS (Service as software) model. No installation required. Online Payroll Services & Payroll Management will be done on cloud solution. Web Payroll is next future of Payroll.

Leave& attendance system is also provided. Feel free to reach us.

HRMS Software

We have a cost effective, ready to use, easy installation, one of the best online cloud based HR Management software. This HRM Software is used as a employee management software. Also, it has all features like joining to exit formalities, performance mapping, Payroll feature & integration, end to end HR functions. It can be used to improve organization & employee’s efficiency. Small to Large business can have access to it. Single HR Manager can access entire gamut of HR Functions on few clicks & is considered best online HR software. This software is considered very unique in HRIS software list.

Accounting Software

         We have very good top public & personal Accounting software. This Account software package is ready, simple & easy to use, Cost effective, basic list of features included. It has quick & hassle free installation, book keeping option for small enterprise, Instant support provided. VAT, GST update. Suitable for Small, medium, large scale companies, corporate, industries & firm. Better to try such software then to go for other free accounting software.

We at Accost, have available all types of software including recruitment software. Demo can be done in Entire Gujarat, Maharashtra including Cities like Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nasik, Pune, Indore, Bhopal & many more. Contact on +91-9879638666 or email on to book a sales presentation.